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Intro Parkour Classes (Ages 6-15)

Welcome to our Introductory Parkour program. Students have the opportunity to learn Parkour skills and culture in a safe and respectful environment.

Parkour ultimately teaches us how to overcome obstacles safely and efficiently in a number of environments, using skills including balancing, jumping, climbing, and swinging. However Parkour also teaches us to look at life differently - we confidently welcome challenges, problem solve, and tackle our fears head-on.
For completing classes, students will earn wristbands with the class-specific colour.
Level 1 - White band
Level 2 - Orange band
Level 3 - Green band
Level 4 - Blue band
Level 5 - Purple band

In the advanced levels, students have the opportunity to earn more bands, and work towards the final Black band.

Please click on a class for more information on what they will be learning.

Classes run for periods of 10 weeks. There are 4 sessions that fit into a year (from Sep-June). They are divided up into 3 age groups.
Please select the class that you are looking for.