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Ages 12-15 Level 5

CAD$185Purchase required to enroll
This is the final Level in our introductory program. Students do not need to complete this level in order to move to our advanced parkour program, but should go into this program if they do not meet the age requirement, or are not looking for an evaluation-based activity (see Advanced Parkour Classes for more information on that).

In Level 5, after building all the skill ground-work in the previous levels, students will be encouraged to explore their own training and set goals based on what they enjoy practicing in Parkour. More advanced skills from all training principles - including landings, vaulting, climbing, jumping, and swinging - are introduced in Level 5. These skills are developed further in the Advanced program.

Students are not expected to master any skills taught in this level, but rather examine their own strengths and weaknesses in Parkour and learn how to train and set goals accordingly.
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