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Advanced Parkour - Drop In

CAD$22.50 per classFrom CAD$19 per visit with 10 Weeks of Advanced Parkour Classes passNo purchase required to enroll
Our Advanced Parkour - SKILL class is the first step for all of our students who enroll in the advanced program. In SKILL, students will learn how to find and create Parkour "challenges" in the environment around them, using skills learn in the introductory program. They will also learn more advanced skills in all major principles of Parkour training - landing, vaulting, climbing, jumping, and swinging.

On the first day, students will receive their red band. Once the evaluation has been passed, students will receive a Red band with 1 stripe. They must have this band before going into the next two classes.
For more information on evaluations, please click this link --> https://apeparkour.pike13.com/group_classes/221175#/week?dt=2020-04-11&lt=staff