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About the Coaches

Aedan Kroeger- Aedan has been doing parkour for about 5 years. The ambition to train stemmed from his love of video games! Aedans landings and precision jumps are just some of the many parkour skills he excels at and his favorite to train are laches. The athlete Aedan gets most his inspirations from is Tim Champion for his overall strength in parkour skills and his power in jumps.

Chad Mc Donald- Chad has trained parkour for 15 years starting his roots in Adelaide, Australia. Parkour videos of David Belle inspired him to start his training. The athlete that Chad follows now is Zen, for his flow and well rounded technique.

Zach Wiebe- Zach has been training parkour for about 7 years. While training flips at the gymnastics center is where Zach encountered parkour. Zach specializes in swinging and jumping skills and also is most inspired by the athlete Tim Champion.

Kris Rae- Kris has been training parkour for 2 years where the ambition came from wanting to become a parkour coach. Although rare to have had a coach without a parkour background (and with how hard he worked to train parkour to get the job you wouldn't know it!), Kris's drive and charisma won them over. Kris excels at strength skills such as pulling and climbing and with being an entertaining coach. Kris's favorite parkour athlete is Callum Powell for his confidence and power in skills and the fun he has when he trains.