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About the Coaches

Aedan K- Aedan has been doing parkour for about 5 years. The ambition to train stemmed from his love of video games! Aedans landings and precision jumps are just some of the best in Alberta (his third place trophy says it all ;D!) He excels at and finds that his favorite skills to train are laches and any kind of swinging skill. He's empathetic and intuitive in his coaching and very good at explaining difficult skills as he remembers very well a time when he first started and is humbled by the training it took for him to get where he is now. The athlete Aedan most reveres is Tim Champion for his overall strength in parkour skills and his power in jumps.

Chad M- Chad has been training parkour for a whole 15 years, starting his roots in Adelaide, Australia. Parkour videos of David Belle is what inspired him to start his training. His most valuable trait is his charisma, as he will inspire and educate you with every moment he has. The athlete that Chad follows now is Zen, for his flow work and well rounded strength in technique.

Zach W- Zach has been training parkour for about 7 years. He is a huge inspiration for a lot of people as he wasn't always into athletics, which is surprising to hear because of how much skill and muscle this man has! His first athletic endeavor was in strength training about 9 years ago, then into calisthenic, then parkour. How he came about parkour was while he was training flips, the parkour enthusiasts he trained with gave him aspirations for his own path and he's been training ever since. Zach specializes in swinging and jumping skills and also is most influenced by the athlete Tim Champion.

Linda F- Linda has been training parkour for about 5 years and has done gymnastics for most of her life. Linda is a very strong athlete with many years of coaching technique and strength progressions for clients of all athletic backgrounds. She got into training parkour through colleagues that loved the sport in Fairview and has training parkour ever since. Her favorite skills in parkour are bars and finds that her flexibility is the key to unlocking all kinds of tricks. Her patience and thoughtfulness as a coach causes her and her clients shine.

Sam H- Sam has been training parkour for about 3 years. He has incredible technique in each aspect of parkour skills, but his favorites are laches and front flips! His strongest quality as a coach is his approachable demeanor, he listens and learns how to best help students to achieve their goals. Sam's favorite parkour athlete is is Rafe Kelley for his connection with nature.

Kris R- Kris has been training parkour for 2 years, saying this man is ambitious is an understatement as his zealousness to become a parkour coach led to his skills to progress at a very rapid rate. Although rare for us to hire a coach without years of a parkour background, Kris's drive and charisma won us all over. Kris excels at strength skills such as pulling, climbing and vaulting and is very excited when he is able to help someone else learn the tools necessary for these moves too! He is also one of our most entertaining coaches, coming up with original quotes such as "If you fall you'll become a pancake, which isn't good because pancakes aren't very good at parkour". Kris's favorite parkour athlete is Callum Powell for his confidence and power in skills and admires all the fun Callum has when he trains.