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We are introducing evaluations simultaneously with our new Advanced Parkour classes. The goal of evaluations is to further challenge our students seeking to pursue Parkour as a sport, as well as ensure that their physical abilities and skills are sufficient for the next levels, as well as our competitive program if that is their goal.
Evaluations will be held on specific dates. They will always be held on the last day of the 10 week sessions for the advanced classes. We will also have optional weekend evaluations every 5-6 weeks.


The criteria for evaluations will be given upon the first day of taking an Advanced class for each student. That way, students will know what they must do to pass and can train accordingly, even during our open gym time.
The pre-requisite for taking an evaluation for an Advanced class is that students must have at least taken 1 class in that category (either speed, skill, or style) in order to take the evaluation.

Introductory Program (levels 1-5)
Our introductory program awards students with wrist-bands (white, orange, green, blue, and purple, respectively) for completing a level, so this should be familiar. However, there is no evaluation for Levels 1-5. As long as students attend a majority of classes and try their hardest, they will move on to the next level. That's what our introductory program is intended for: introducing students to the sport. We do not expect them to master the skills they learned in those levels.
By the time students get to Level 4, they will have practiced most of the skills they will need to excel in our Advanced program. When moving onto the advanced program, they have the chance to focus on technical mastery and advanced, real-world applications of those skills. They also will learn to set goals for their own training, which will turn them from the mindset of a "student" to a "practitioner".

Advanced Program Wrist-Bands